KATIA (1959) Screenshot "Verschwörung"

KATIA (1959) Filmausschnitt “Verschwörung”

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  1. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    In Memory of Curd Jürgens, Respectfully,

    A conspiracy is on the way. The three men dressed in black are supposed to-be secret polices who are on duty given by the Consultant, or the Chief of Police, Kubarof to follow and watch the Emperor secretly. In real history his name is Count Schuvalov and is known primarily by his intriguing skills in the Tsar’s court and by his hatred to Katja. The police bring a report to Kubarof on the Emperor’s activities and the places he visits and then they leave the room. His other three collegues which are supposed to be high ranking officials, most probably Ministers, find it strange to see Kubarof’s uneasiness. They seem comfortable and they believe that if the Tsar amuses himself, here they mean Katja, it will be easier for the ministers to do whatever they want to do (dance) since the Tsar will be very occupied with his beloved.

    But Kubarof thinks that as long as Katja is with His Majesty, they will not be able to dance longer and that she slowly drives His Majesty towards graying his supremacy and grandeur, “gris éminence”, a kind of power broker. Kubarof is afraid of Katja’s influence on His Majesty in the new reforms which most probably will risk their power, positions and may be their lives.

    He promises his friends one thing and that is “I will break this kid”, “je la briserai, cette gamine”. He is planning to get Katja out of the way. This expression is historically true and accurate. But has been said under different conditions and the Emperor upon hearing this from his agent working for Schuvalov, he is sent to the Embassy of Russia in London, some kind of humitiation for Schuvalov being deprived from the Emperor’s court, while in this movie Kubarof is active till the end, being one of the most important factors in the Tsar’s assasination.

    Dear Curd Jürgens, millions of thanks for your every movie and especially for this one which has a special place in my poor heart. It so impressed me that, besides all the other information I have read
    on you during the past years, I made a deep research on Tsar Alexander II (his reforms, his authocracy, his personality and his private life, Ekatherina Dolgorukove and all the Romanovs starting from the first Romanov Michael I. I bought too many books from abroad on Alexander II, Katja and the Romanovs. The history and their lives enchanted me. How successfully you have portrayed the Tsar?
    You know what? Every time I watch this movie, I always skip the end. I really can’t bear watching the “Tsar or you” die and Katja’s deep agony. After fourteen years of longing to get married, only eight months, yes, they were married only for eight months when he was assasinated and then the dawnfall of the Romanov dynasty gained speed.

    For YOU, I want to end up with the quotation which is on the page before the 1st chapter of your authogrphy “..und kein bisschen weise” ; “so macht Gewissen Feige aus uns allen…” taken from Hamlet, Shakespeare. Millions of Thanks. May YOU Rest in Peace….

  2. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    Dear Isabelle Bastian,

    Sorry for bothering you, but I will really be grateful to you if you can spare me the time and provide me the information on C. Jürgens’ houses. Within the forthcoming two months, I planned a trip to Vienna and Nice. I have been to Vienna several times on duty, but this time it will be only for the purpose of visiting his grave in Wiener Zentralfriedhof and the Burgtheatre. I don’t know where his house is in Vienna. And Nice. I hope his house in St Paul de Vence is still kept, may be by the Deutsche Filminstitut. I saw several of its photos on this site taken in late 1990s. But I am not sure of the one in Cap Ferrat. I hope my inquiry will not cause any trouble for you. Thanks a lot in advance. Best Wishes…

  3. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    Dear Isabelle Bastian,

    I will be flying to Vienna next week on the 16th of June, which means I will be there on the 18th of June for his 34th death anniversary. This is for your information. Best wishes……

    • Isabelle Bastian
      Isabelle Bastian says:

      Dear Filiz Elgezdi,
      I’m very sorry to have overlooked your comment, as I don’t get notifications about new comments (which I will definitely have to change!).

      Curd’s first house in Vienna (he had apartments before, of course) was in Grinzing, his last in Enzesfeld (at the Golf court). You can contact me anytime, if you have further questions, via Email: bastian@deutsches-filminstitut.de Maybe I could provide you with more details, then.

      Have a safe flight, anyway!
      Best wishes,
      Isabelle Bastian

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