KATIA (1959) Screenshot "Besuch"

KATIA (1959) Filmausschnitt “Besuch”

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  1. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    In Memory of Curd Jürgens, Respectfully,

    I think this scene is the breaking point of the full movie. Nothing will be the same from then on. The Emperor, frequently visits Katja when she is alone at home and for his every visit, her sister-in-law is invited for tea at the palace by the Emperor’s order. Katja is a clever girl and she understands the case.and beforehand, for each time, she works up an excuse not to go along with her sister-in-law, because she knows that the Emperor will be coming to see her when her sister-in-law is gone. We don’t know how many times and how often he visited Katja. Before analysing the scene, let us think on what their feelings might be and what they might be thinking of.

    The Emperor visits Katja very often just because he wants to see her and to be with her all of the time. He can not stop himself from seeing her. It will not be surprising that Alexander, The Emperor. middle aged (about 47 at that time), tired and lonely, but eventually a man, succumbs to Katja with all the excitement of a young boy in love. Katja, at about 18 years old, with an elegant figure, with beautiful and meaningful eyes, a sensous mouth, with chestnut tresses, always cheerful, is an exquisite creature. He tries to be joyful and makes jokes like a very close friend, that is what he wants it for Katja to be seen and he holds himself back and hides his real feelings. He knows somewhere inside him that it will be a wrong relationship given to his and her situtation and of course her age. He is happy to be with her, to watch her and to talk to her for a limited time. But after a while, will this be enough? In any case, whatever you do, how best you try, who can ever control and direct one’s heart? Will your heart be in line with your mind? For sure, time will come and it will burst. For Katja , she feels the same. Although she has a bold personality, she never thinks of saying anything, may be she is waiting for his approach. So, she is very friendly as he is. Both of them are all fooling themselves by acting to be friendly.

    The Emperor asks her whether they are going to play cards again and she says that he cheats in playing cards. The Emperor lets Katja win to make her happy and for each game she wins, he gives her a gift. She suggests another game to play which she can have a better control on him. So they begin the game; Katja being the first to start. The Emperor is only watching her, his eyes on her face, doesn’t care a bit about the game. Katja, just near him, leaning on the table and slowly turning her head towards him, face to face, eye to eye, with a small distance in between and with a sweet smile on her lips, says that then it is his turn to play. The Emperor’s slight movement to draw back is noticable.. How tempting? She turns, The Emperors eyes still on her, goes back to pour tea and while doing so she alludes to her sister-in-law being invited for tea for his every visit. But afterwards, the Emperor asks a more important question and that is about her brother’s opinion on his visits. She says that he does not want it to be spoken very much, so, nobody will say anything. In return, The Tzar, asks her what she can say and continues, “du bist doch ein kind”. This is the most delicate point. Katja, staying silent, looks at him, only for a moment her looks slides down to his lips, I think just by reflex, not on purpose, but who knows, and again back to his eyes, looking at him somewhat in a different way that shakes the Emperor. He notices this. His smile fades away and as if talking to himself, as if he is in a dream, his eyes locked on hers, with a longing for her in his looks, admits that she is no longer a child and he is not to come so often. He is so shocked. This is the first blow. Both of them are demoralized because then, they will not be able to see each other as often, This is seen in their facial expressions, but none of the two show it. Inside him, in my opinion, he already knows that she is no longer a child but he denies it, because otherwise, he will not be able to come and see her, owing to the fact that it will be open rumors Quickly he gathers himself together and in the same cheerful way as before, says that he, even without cheating, lost the game and wants to give her a small gift. But his all efforts are in vain, there comes a second blow. Katja, upon hearing that he is justg about to give her a gift, refuses. The Emperor is stunned with her sudden reaction and without being able to say a word, stays still. Katja, saying that she wants a much more beatiful gift, moving round the table, standing behind him and while the Emperor is following her movements, putting her hand on his arm, how daring?, and bending very close to him, she, with a soft voice whispers in his ear over his shoulder, to come again the next day. This will be the most beautiful gift for her. How bold and seductive? Then, she walks away..This means that she, as a grown-up, wants to see him more often on the contrary to his words in the first blow. I am under the impression that she simply wants to be with him. The first approach is from Katja. This leads the Tzar into deep thoughts.

    Curd Jürgens is magnificent in this scene as he is in the full movie. I really can’t believe how one can act so without being in a love affair such as this one and without being under the same circumstances. It is so real and impressive. Most of the people may think that the theme and the relationship described are not ethical. To me, in real love there is, by no means, no pride, no age problem, no richness or poorness, no time concept, no status difference and no whatsoever is. These are all out of question. I am only concerned about one thing and that is the Emperor’s ailing wife. I love this movie, I really love it very much, my favorite of all times. I will never be tired of watching it. I enjoy every minute of it. And Romy Schneider is the only actress I know whose eyes also smile, when she herself is smiling. Many, many thanks for this everlasting magnificent classic movie dear Curd Jürgens. I am very much obliged. May You Rest in Peace…..

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