Editorial Notes

All photographs, citation from Curd Jürgensʼ film and television performances and copies of documents are provided with a watermark. This indicates the source Deutsches Filminstitut, Frankfurt am Main / Nachlass Curd Jürgens (German Film Institute, Frankfurt am Main / Estate Curd Jürgens). It is explicitly stated that all material is under copyright protection and permission is required for all third party use. The German Film Institute is happy to assist with the ascertainment of the copyright holder for each item.

Differences in the quality of the citations from Curd Jürgens film and television appearances may occur due to the varying quality of the audio-visual material. Where the quality of the material does not correspond to modern-day, high standards, the decision was made to show the material in this form because of the rarity and significance of the material. Please bear this in mind. Wherever possible, we of course strive for the best quality presentation of the material.

Notation and Syntax

Production titles:

Film and made-for-television films are written in upper case and supplemented in parentheses with the first screening or broadcast.

All further production titles (television programmes, theatre plays etc.) are written in inverted commas.


In the captions, all individuals pictured – as far as they are known and clearly recognisable – are named accordingly. As a rule, naming takes place from left to right and from top to bottom. Individuals not yet identified are indicated by the letters “N.N.”

The photographs in the estate of Curd Jürgen were provided by agencies, the photographers themselves and/or film production and distribution companies. The document his career, his social appearances and his private life.

As the Curd Jürgensʼ estate comprises a private photo collection, it was not always possible to locate or identify the origin or copyright holder of the images. Wherever possible this information is given. We kindly request that individuals contact us using the contact form on this website where missing information can be provided.

Taxonomy and Typology

The estate is divided into five areas of Jürgensʼ artistic activity and areas of his private and media persona: Film, Theatre, Television, Literature, Phono, Public (general), Private.

The material is further sub-divided in each of these areas:

Role Portraits are staged portraits from one or more characters from the film / stage play. In contrast to scene photos, the plot from the film / play is not reconstructed: often the gaze of the individual is directed towards the camera.

Scene Photos depict a scene from a film / stage play and as a rule document the position of the camera, the composition of space and lighting.

Work Photos are photographs accompanying a production. The document the shooting of a film or theatre rehearsals, show the techniques used, sets, the dealings of the director with the actors and the members of the crew or the theatre ensemble. In rare cases, a work photo can be staged.

Digitalisation and Image Editing

As far as possible, corrections to the colour, tone, contrast and other examples of image retouching are avoided. In special cases, where the readability of a document has become compromised such as a typescript which has become faded as a result of storage, these measures are carried out as carefully as possible. Accordingly, some images and documents may appear off-colour or pale.


There is no correction of the old German spelling rules, grammar and sentence construction. Everything is transcribed as written. In the event of a spelling mistake which compromises the readability and comprehension of a text, the word or individual letters are added in square brackets according to the spelling recommended by Duden.

In a few, rare cases, corrections to the sentence structure and grammar are adopted with the scoring of transcripts which otherwise would have compromised comprehension.