KATIA (1959) Screenshot "Ich denke an dich"

KATIA (1959) Filmausschnitt “Ich denke an dich”

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  1. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    In Memory of Curd Jürgens, Respectfully,

    This scene is wonderful. This day is the great day, Katia’s coronation day and also the new constutition is going to be announced. The coronation will take place in Moscow. In my opinion now they are in Kremlin Palace. The decoration of the room is splendid; the furniture, flowers everywhere, the officers in red uniforms, the bishop sitting, two pages, one at each side of the door, two maids standing side by side, one of whom is holding a dashing red pillow on which a crown is seated, two high-ranking officers whom I suppose to be Generals, a should-be chamberlain reading the programm and the list of participating individuals and organizations at the coronation ceremony and the officers who are to attend the Emperor and the Empress.

    Katia, with an outstanding and a dream-like costume, all over covered with decorations, a very worthy hair-style and make-up is standing in front of a mirror. She is wearing a breathtaking set of a diamond necklace, earrings and a bracelet which are supposed to be a souvenier from her husband, the Emperor, for this very special occasion. She really is more beatiful and nobel than ever and seems to be already an Empress by her posture.

    The Emperor is walking to and fro with his hands clasped at his back, while listening to the chamberlain. See how he looks, although a middle aged man about 49-50, see how handsome he is, how fascinating he is in his red-green uniform with golgen color epaulettes, with which his shoulders seemed much wider, and decorations, his famous orders on this breast and with his shining shoes. He turns around and walks slowly towards Katia and at the same time views her from top to bottom. Alexandre II, the Emperor, the Tsar of all the Russians, despite the enormous age difference, the man Katia was madly in love with for years, whom she only had devoted herself to and lived only for, her husband, is now in front of her and looking at her tenderly and with a great and deep love. He too was madly in love with her and always considered her as his only treasure hidden in his heart.

    Katia asks him with a soft and low voice as to why he is looking at her like that. He says that he is thinking of her. The answer is simple but on the otherhand it bears very significant and unforgettable memories for the Emperor, for Katia also. He says that he is looking at the young girl from Smolny, at you in Paris, in Moscow. He remembers her in Smolny, the first time they met and how they were drawn to each other involuntarily at first sight. Their unexpected encounter in Smolny determined their destiny. They were gone through many agonies, besides happiness. Most of the years of their lives were spent by waiting to see each other. He remembers all at that moment. He remembers her in Paris, where for the first time they were really together and happy and the first time she was his after a two longing years of seperation and when he considered her as his wife before God. Now, they are in Moscow for Katia’s coronation. She, the young girl from Smolny, will be the Empress of all the Russians. Alexander thanks her for making him very happy during the bygone years. It is so touchy, as if something is going to happen. Katia says that they are still far from being happy, that is, that they will be more happier afterwards and maybe she is referring to a baby to be born in the near future. For the first time, before the coronation, the Emperor calls Katia as the Majesty, the Tzarina. He asks if he is allowed to ask the Majesty, the Tzarina if, besides all obligations and duties, they ever will have time for themselves privately, for Alexandre and Katia only. He refers to being alone with her in their private life. How seductive he is and how flirtatious looks he has.See how proud Katia looks. Katia says always and she swears with a sweet smile. It is a love oath. Alexandre, with a smile on his lips, and proud also, says that she is more beautiful than ever and that the Russian people will love her. Alexandre, besides being the Tsar and being a chaser in his younger days, he is a pious man and acted so. Here he says that their marriage will be blessed, because, on that day the coronation will take place, the new constitution will be announced. He correlates his marriage with the new constitution, which he was obsessed with for years. He believes that his people deserves better conditions and better rights and his national loyalty requires him to do so.

    It is so real and impressive, just like living in the past with them. The scene and the movie takes and drifts me along to the end without realizing how time goes by. As time goes by, the years also go by, so, I, too, am all drifted along to the end, to the end of life, like everybody else. I really don’t know all the real romances, the true love affairs, the relationships, the agonies, the turbulent lives and the tragedies that have taken place in history. Besides reading, If by any chance I discover movies, just like this one, telling true love stories of the history, despite many differences, I cannot stop myself watching it over and over again. For this movie, it is a lovely fairy tale and history has her own fairy tales, the important thing is to bring them to life. Thanks to the beautiful Romy Schneider who has left us at her younger ages. Last, but not the least, millions of thanks to the Unforgettable Legend Curd Jürgens. You will always be in my heart and in my memories. May You Rest in Pease.

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