KATIA (1959) Screenshot "Kutschfahrt"

KATIA (1959) Filmausschnitt “Kutschfahrt”

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  1. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    In Memory of Curd Jürgens, Respectfully,

    A wonderful movie and this scene is fascinating. I think nobody can go through the whole movie without being affected by the beauty, charm and the exploding talent of the young Romy Schneider in portraying Katja, first as a schoolgirl and then Alexander’s sweetheart and at last as his morganatic wife, near access to the throne, and the impressive role playing power of the unforgettable Curd Jürgens in portraying Tzar Alexander II. There is one thing not clear enough in this scene and that is, why the Tzar is sending Katja away? Is he really sending her only
    for education? If Katja dropped out her school, does he blame himself of her being in St.Petersburg just to be close to him? Doesn’t he have enough confidence in himself that if she stays, he will not be able to withstand her anymore? Does he only want to counter the Court’s gossips about his forbidden love, which is disseminating slowly? Or is it just because he wants her to grow a bit more? Katja doesn’t want to be away from him and confesses her love but the Tzar behaves as if he hasnot heard it, so she forces him to say that he does not love her hoping to get the answer she wanted, but the answer is disappointing, her looks reflect all her feelings. Anyway, sometimes love means to relinquish,so, he lies that he does not love her, have never loved and will never love her. Here, both of them are in deep agony, one of being refused, her disappointment can be seen in her eyes and the other of not being able to reveal his feelings and his love and for disappointing and saddening her. Their chemistry is clear and not at all enforced. Katja is a proud young lady and when she intends to leave the carriage, the Tzar, regretting his words and with the fear of loosing her, he succumbs to his love and her love confessions and here comes the whole truth. In this scene, the facial expressions, the voice tones and the body languages of both are perfect.

    If the full movie is taken into consideration, their love was love at first glance, during Tzar’s royal visit to the Smolny Institute for noble young girls. Despite their age discrepancy what a unique couple,
    what an attraction that they were drawn towards each other, what a great love and complete devotion? Their love, the history, the scenery and the beautiful costumes will attract you at once. On one side, the ailing wife of the Tzar, the non bona-fide consultant and unreliable ministers, their ambitions and their fears of loosing their power, the liars and sychopants, the impatience of the revolutionists and on the other side the national loyalty, the patriotism and of course the striking heart of the consciencous Tzar Alexander II. Although the movie has many differences with the real history, it is basically the same. And what can one say about Curd Jürgens rich and sonorous voice? Wonderful, fascinating and thrilling. He was the most precious gift for us, for the whole world.

    The unforgettable Curd Jürgens…Bonvivant? yes, led a turbulent life and been into several swirls? yes, but no one can know what lies beneath, even the closest friend and may be he himself too. He was a great stage and movie actor and a charismatic World Star. He earned this title by working hard, he loved working, one of the things he could never have given up. May be I am wrong, but I suppose somewhere inside him a fear was hidden, a fear that one could forget him. If not, why he should have said the words “…die Angst mann könnte mich vergessen…” in his song “60 Jahre und kein bisschen weisse” . I very much wish I could have told him such a person like himself, with his personality, his physical appearance and with all the successes, can never be forgotten.

    And Death..It is true that death is a part of our lives. Our minds accept this, but our hearts?..Our hearts rebel against this truth. It is very, very hard to accept the loss of our beloved ones. What a pity of fate that he left us too early, he should have lived much longer. And also what a pity of fate that both he and Romy Schneider passed away the same year within a month. We owe them a lot, at least this magnificent movie which is still admired and it sure deserves this.

    Dear Curd Jürgens, I am very grateful to you and the whole world should be. The most generous thanks for everything; for having been born, for every word you have written, for every song you have sung and for every character you have portrayed, for all your successes and for the overall everlasting magnificent works you have left behind. You were a legend, you still are and will be forever. May you rest in peace.

    Millions of Thanks….Millions of Thanks… “Für Alles”

  2. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    To Whom This Will Concern,
    Thank you. I very much want to see my comment on this page and I hope it will not be erased later. Curd Jürgens was “The Best of All” and my favourite of all times. During the past years, I have read almost every book and article I found about him to this date. One of the last two I had recently is the Catalogue prepared by your Institute but unfortunately the Book Service is not delivering it to Turkey, so I asked one of my friends who live in Germany to buy and send it to me, It is on the way. Now, through you, I have the chance of expressing my thoughts and feelings about C. Jürgens. In my comment I could have written pages and pages. So much to say about him and yet nothing too much to say about him… A First Class Gentleman, Querdenker, A Man of Words, Ladies’ Man and a World Star. It was hard to put my thoughts and feelings about him together in writing, because after all these years I felt somewhat bitterness in thinking and remembering (not him of course, he does not need to be remembered, he is always in our hearts and in our memories and will always be) all the information I had read. You don’t know how time goes by.

    Besides, I encountered some difficulties while sending my comment and for this, my third attempt. May be some clarification will be helpful.

    With all my best and sincere wishes…..

    • Isabelle Bastian
      Isabelle Bastian says:

      Dear Filiz Elgezdi,
      thank you very much for sharing your memories, your feelings and your thoughts on Curd Jürgens and this scene from KATIA! I’m sorry you’ve had some difficulties in posting your comments, could you please specify what issues you’ve experienced, so that we can work on it?
      Many thanks in advance, and, again, thank you very much for sharing!
      Isabelle Bastian

  3. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    Dear Isabella Bastian,
    Many thanks for your kind interest and also for asking me to specify the difficulty I came across with. When I click the “post comment”, a baloon appears instructing to fill up the space for the “eine kleine rechenaufgabe”, But no space is seen, altghough I clicked several points. When the arrows on the left are clicked, the numbers change, sometimes only one number is seen, like “9 x “, may be I am a bit clumsy. As a result, one way or the other, I managed to send them but just by chance. Sincerely…

    • Isabelle Bastian
      Isabelle Bastian says:

      Dear Filiz Elgezdi,
      I’m very sorry for my late reply, I must have overlooked your comment. I will forward your description of the commenting-process to our webmaster, maybe he will find a solution to it.
      Many thanks, again, for your contribution!
      Kind regards,
      Isabelle Bastian

  4. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    Dear Isabelle Bastian,
    Thank you. You don’t have to bother yourself no longer since the problem is solved. When I use the internet explorer everything is OK. Thanks in advance.
    With my Best Wishes.,
    Filiz Elgezdi

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