Screenshot "Abholung des Nachlasses" St.-Paul-de-Vence, 1979

Abholung des Nachlasses von Curd Jürgens, St.-Paul-de-Vence, 1997

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  1. Filiz Elgezdi
    Filiz Elgezdi says:

    In Memory of Curd Jürgens, Respectfully,

    He has earned a lot and has spent a lot. He sure has deserved it. He has worked hard throughout his life. He never has thought of decreasing his activities even though his health has failed. He was a Gentleman with French manners, a Bonvivant, with refined tastes, with a good sense of humour, a Querdenker, a man of words, of course the Ladies’ man, despite the scandals which overshadowed his successes. To sum up, he was a Legend, he still is and will be forever.

    Such a beautiful and a luxurious house for those years. It is very impressive and also the land on which it has been built. The scenery is wonderful. One can not help oneself from thinking that he is still living there and enjoying life, either by himself in peace or with his friends in sociable parties, in which a variety of drinks and different delicacies are served. The house looks like as if it is still alive. The person who takes us on a virtual tour on the outside, the entrance, the garden, with lots of beautiful flowers, the guest house, the swimming pool, the stairs going up to the main house and in the inside of the house, to all rooms, the terrace, is speaking in a low voice as is he is afraid of disturbing him or waking him up. I sure understand that it is because of deep respect to his memory.

    I really wonder whether he enjoyed life or not? Has he been really happy with his marriages. It is still said that he finally had found peace and happiness in his last marriage. If it had been so, how happy Margie Jürgens should have been? We must all thank her for this. May Her Rest in Peace also. There is a sentence spoken by her which is published at the end of the “Spatsommer”, in the Kinematograph Nr.14 prepared for Curd Jürgens, which made me feel very sorry for both of them; “Aber warum hast Du mir nie gesagt, wie schwer das ist, ohne Dich”. If they had been so happy, he should have lived much longer to enjoy his happy marriage. In the light of the information I have read over the years, I believe he has not been happy in his other marriages, especially the one which ended in disappointment after 14 years, left alone for some other person. This is not honesty. What a pity? Hopeful beginnings and sad endings.

    The furniture, the chess table, he had been very fond of chess, the fire place, his photographs, one with his dog, a statue of a character he has portrayed on stage, I thik it was Othello, the huge luxurious bedroom which still seems very cosy, they all look so very nice. His study room is still the most impressive place, all the books he has written, his private notes, the magazines, all the documents and newspaper articles and photographs and may be the critics relating to his films, uncountable boxes of video casettes, I think all are his films, many souverniers, his awards, millions of papers, big boxes full of many documents.Once upon a time a legend has lived in there, has touched every piece of those paper and furniture. I think the people there, are from the Filminstitute and trying to categorize all those documents and all others.

    But, above all, the only view that touched me deeply is a small light brown envelope on his study desk, inscribed with his own handwriting, a name ; “ROMY”. I know that Romy Schneider has written seven love letters to Curd Jürgens, which were said to be “brennenden bekenntnisse” love letters, when she was19 years old, a teenager, in the years 1957-1958 which were found after his death in his study room and they were made public by his friend after 30 years of his death, on his 100th would-be birthday. I preferred it should have been kept secret as he had done. The important question here is ; why has he kept it for years, for 24 years, till his death. In my opinion, he must have felt the same as Romy, despite their age discrepancy, she was 19 and he was 43 at that time, just like in the movie “Katja, die ungekrönte kaiserin” in which Katja was 17 and Alexander II was 47 at that time in history, shooted in 1959 after one or two years of their short but intensive affair for 15 days. I wished their ages had been more suitable for each other so that they could have get along with. May be Jürgens could have been much more happy with a person he really loved, his years would not have been wasted and may be Romy Schneider could not have passed away so young. Who knows? Although I liked to learn of this subject when it came out and was published in magazines, the affair of the two whom I love most, a magnificent couple, I still believe that we must respect their private lives, even though they are public figures. Don’t they have any right to live their own happinesses, love and pains freely by themselves or together?

    So dear Curd Jürgens, as always, I want to end up with my thanks to you. May YOU Rest in Peace.

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